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I have decided to move Lumikha to it's own blogspot. The main reason for this is (as much as I hate to admit that Blogger has better features) is the fact that I am able to display Lumikha's Etsy Store on the sidebar. I tried to do this on livejournal (I really did!!!!) and it just wouldn't work.

Another reason is that I find Blogger's layout to be much easier to customize, and has a much cleaner look, which I really like. I found myself having to decide between two layouts on livejournal without fully embracing it. I believe I'm a little bit late on jumping on the blogger bandwagon, but found that it's time. Please keep note of the new address:

I hope to see you there soon! :) 


Meet White Owl's Tryphena. I found this beauty while shopping around on This necklace really means a lot to me because it is the first piece that I purchased on Etsy and my love affair with that wonderful website was born. Going from shop to shop has really inspired me so much so that I recently started Lumikha Studio's Etsy Shop. I loved Etsy because it has allowed me to have an avenue to share (and sell) not only the many pictures I have taken throughout the years but also for future creative endeavors.

For now though, let's adore this lovely lace necklace. Thank you White Owl!

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Isn't she beautiful? I purchased her on I'm not sure how old she is, but I know she's pretty old because I bought it from some dude's wife and she told me that it used to be his mom's. She's one of the most unique dressforms I've ever seen (and cheapest too) and I'm happy to welcome her to Lumikha Studio.

I've recently gotten into the idea of selling vintage clothing on and decided to run with it. I've read plenty of advice given on what helps an item sell and it said "photos, photos, photos". It then occurred to me that this idea is a marriage of my two loves: thrifting and photography. Now, I'm not looking into making the big bucks with this, but it's just another avenue in photography that I can practice in a fun and creative way: commercial photography.

Plenty of advice columns said that it might take several months for me to make a sale, and I'm okay with it. It took me a looong time to book my first I kind of already accepted the natural progression of starting up (although that doesn't make dealing with frustration and impatience any easier!!!). Hopefully, with plenty of hardwork and luck, I'll be able to make a few sales in due time. :)

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My favorite season used to be Fall, but lately Spring has been winning my heart more and more each year. Fall has, and still dazzles me with her rich colors and believe me, I will still go out of my way to walk on that crunchy looking leaf...but Spring...Spring awakens my soul. I blame it on gardening. I LOVE gardening and have not stopped ever since I had Mrs T's (Gary's mom) homemade spaghetti sauce made from home grown garden tomatoes. I have since been in love with the wondrous fruit and have become somewhat of a tomato snob.

This year will be no exception. Gary and I have decided to pass on the park district's garden plots (we live in a condo unit) and decided to have this year's plot to be at my parent's place a few towns over. They don't have a garden plot (although their flower garden is exquisite), so Gary and I will have to build one from scratch. That will be a different entry. For now, I am excited to have my little babies germinating in the AeroGarden.

This year, we are going to plant 8 varieties of tomatoes. Most of them are from my friend, Vivian. She's the ultimate tomato connoisseur check last year's harvest from her Garden. I actually got these seeds from her!

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It has finally been warm enough to go for a walk around the lake (it's really a pond, but they call it a lake).
It was nice to get some blood flowing after being couped indoors all winter. I will never get used to winter.
I decided to document the first lap around the lake - Spring 2010. Hurray! I'm sure Benny was super excited.

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(side announcement: a lace border will surround all photos on this blog...starting...NOW! *HURRAY LACE*)

Today, Gary and I swung by Michelle's to take a few belly pics.
Lumikha Studio has never shot belly bumps before so we were really excited for this shoot.
Thanks to Michelle and Veejay for letting us into your home. :)

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Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

I have heard about Etsy for a while, but never really did much exploring. A few weeks ago, after much previous encounters, I decided to make a purchase. I just knew that I was not going to find it anywhere else. Since then, I've been hooked. So much so that I decided to try and sell some of "My Stuff". I'm currently in the process of photographing a few vintage items that I intend to list so stay tuned! :)


The Heat Birds just let Gary and I know that they have a new website AND the pictures we took are up!
We are so excited to have our pictures on the home page
and we're looking forward to working with the Heat Birds in the future!
The site looks great and thanks for the feature! :)
(click the screenshot to go to their website)

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