lumikha (lumikha) wrote,


I present to you, one of my favorite people on Earth, Ashley. She cracks me up and I love her.

It was so nice to meet up with Ashely. We met while working at Bank One when we were in HS.
She is one of the few people that "understand" me, because I can be "different" sometimes.
Although we don't see or talk to each other frequently, it was as if we hadn't skipped a beat.

This was actually her 1st pose, but I asked her to turn around to show her beautiful self.

We got to Blowfish a little early so we decided to go Mural Huntin'.

We're so old now...but not at heart!

The eyes were my favorite.

I'm actually yellow, but I can be brown too.

One of my favorite murals.

Murals vs. graffiti

Very nice.


Nice use of space.

I loove the little plants growing and the face looking as if it was eating it.

It's weird, but I have to give props for attention to detail.

Showing off our mixed sake drinks and Gary being silly.

Ashley's phat ride...well, not really, but it's still pretty sweet.

Blowfish Sushi to Die For
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