lumikha (lumikha) wrote,


It has finally been warm enough to go for a walk around the lake (it's really a pond, but they call it a lake).
It was nice to get some blood flowing after being couped indoors all winter. I will never get used to winter.
I decided to document the first lap around the lake - Spring 2010. Hurray! I'm sure Benny was super excited.

Waking up.

I pass by these daffodils everyday on my way to work. I loved how they looked with the sun shining on them.

Gary & Benny.

Canadian goose chillen.

Pit stop at the gazeebo.

Reminiscing about the days when we would take naps between classes outside on a nice day. *sigh*

Getting ready to bloom.

A weird looking duck Gary has been seeing lately on his way to work.

Not sure what kind of flowers...but they were very puurrdy.

More daffodils.

That's the Benny clearly loving the walk.
(a tired doggie is a good doggie)

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