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My favorite season used to be Fall, but lately Spring has been winning my heart more and more each year. Fall has, and still dazzles me with her rich colors and believe me, I will still go out of my way to walk on that crunchy looking leaf...but Spring...Spring awakens my soul. I blame it on gardening. I LOVE gardening and have not stopped ever since I had Mrs T's (Gary's mom) homemade spaghetti sauce made from home grown garden tomatoes. I have since been in love with the wondrous fruit and have become somewhat of a tomato snob.

This year will be no exception. Gary and I have decided to pass on the park district's garden plots (we live in a condo unit) and decided to have this year's plot to be at my parent's place a few towns over. They don't have a garden plot (although their flower garden is exquisite), so Gary and I will have to build one from scratch. That will be a different entry. For now, I am excited to have my little babies germinating in the AeroGarden.

This year, we are going to plant 8 varieties of tomatoes. Most of them are from my friend, Vivian. She's the ultimate tomato connoisseur check last year's harvest from her Garden. I actually got these seeds from her!

After each harvest, Gary and I make spaghetti sauce, freeze them and then eat them at will.
This is our last batch of spaghetti sauce made from last year's harvest. Soo yummy!

Seeds collected from last year. I believe I have thirteen all in all.

Little beds for the babies.

I love being able to grow a plant to bear fruit from seed. Then eating the fruit.
Something about it feels very holy for me.

No need to take the seed off of the paper towel, the towel acts as an absorbant, to help the seed sprout.

My attempts to keep track of the different tomato varieties.

It's important to make sure they're fully soaked, and then gently press on each bed to get rid of air bubbles.

Had to make a screen to protect the plants as Oreo (our cat) looves to eat plants.

Hurray for Spring! :)
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