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Isn't she beautiful? I purchased her on I'm not sure how old she is, but I know she's pretty old because I bought it from some dude's wife and she told me that it used to be his mom's. She's one of the most unique dressforms I've ever seen (and cheapest too) and I'm happy to welcome her to Lumikha Studio.

I've recently gotten into the idea of selling vintage clothing on and decided to run with it. I've read plenty of advice given on what helps an item sell and it said "photos, photos, photos". It then occurred to me that this idea is a marriage of my two loves: thrifting and photography. Now, I'm not looking into making the big bucks with this, but it's just another avenue in photography that I can practice in a fun and creative way: commercial photography.

Plenty of advice columns said that it might take several months for me to make a sale, and I'm okay with it. It took me a looong time to book my first I kind of already accepted the natural progression of starting up (although that doesn't make dealing with frustration and impatience any easier!!!). Hopefully, with plenty of hardwork and luck, I'll be able to make a few sales in due time. :)

Looking through Elise's armpit.

Front profile.

Looking up her mid-section.

Back profile.

Looking up her lower torso.

I was a little concerned that "size JR" meant smaller than a typical lady. But when I tried on a few outfits on her, she looked pretty normal. Not as good as other dress forms out there, but for the price, and the fact that she's vintage herself are more than enough reasons for me to be happy with her.

Welcome to Lumikha Studio, Elise. :)
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