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Meet White Owl's Tryphena. I found this beauty while shopping around on This necklace really means a lot to me because it is the first piece that I purchased on Etsy and my love affair with that wonderful website was born. Going from shop to shop has really inspired me so much so that I recently started Lumikha Studio's Etsy Shop. I loved Etsy because it has allowed me to have an avenue to share (and sell) not only the many pictures I have taken throughout the years but also for future creative endeavors.

For now though, let's adore this lovely lace necklace. Thank you White Owl!

White Owl's Tryphena

I was really trying to get the necklace but ended up with a picture of my face.

So I decided to put it on Elise (I don't like being in pictures).

Isn't it so pretty? I have yet to wear it.

Haven't really thought of any outfits to wear it with because it seems really fancy...
But I cannot wait to wear it (when I come up with the appropriate occasion/outfit)

Any ideas are most welcome! :)
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